President Solih: RTL service to commence in Noonu Atoll before year’s end

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih arrives at N. Lhohi on a campaign trip. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Sunday, said Raajje Transport Link (RTL) high-speed ferry service will be launched in Noonu Atoll before the end of this year.

The president, in a meeting with N. Lhohi residents during a visit to the island on Sunday, as part of his ongoing campaign tour of Noonu Atoll, said the final preparations were underway to launch RTL service in the atoll.

“The service will hopefully come to Noonu Atoll next. The speedboats required for the operations have been contracted to be built. The hope is to commence the service in this atoll within the next two to three months," he said

He stressed that the launch of the service will greatly benefit the atoll.

“Will see great changes to Noonu Atoll with this new change,” he added.

President Solih said when assumed office in 2018, with the ‘Jazeera Raajje’ manifesto, basic services at Lhohi, whether be it electricity, water, sewerage or education, were deficient.

“Everything required a start. Many works required to be simultaneously started. Water and sewerage at this island was one of the first projects we contracted,” he said.

Lhohi, since the beginning of times, was noted by the president to have faced difficulties in entering and exiting the island. Emphasizing these difficulties were felt by all residents, he pointed out that MTCC has now been contracted the project, which will address them.

However, the president expressed concern over delays in commencing the water project at Lhohi in cooperation with the contractor awarded the project.

President Solih, noting efforts were made to move forward with the project, announced the government’s decision to nullify the contract, and begin from ground zero.

The president said the project would be awarded to a state-owned company this time around. 

“By the will of God, the residents will see works commence on this project,” he stressed.

President’s second term pledges for Lhohi:

  • Shore protection at erosion site, developing a separate beach
  • Building a multipurpose hall
  • Expanding health centre’s services to 24 hours
  • Establishing a youth centre with modern facilities
  • Building resource rooms at school