Wall collapse amid road construction in Holhudhoo injuring three workers

N. Holhudhoo.

Three workers undertaking road construction at N. Holhudhoo were injured after a wall collapsed on them amid the work.

The incident took place at approximately 5:45pm on Tuesday evening. The injured three workers are employed by Road Development Corporation (RDC).

Holhudhoo Council President Rilwan Mohamed told Sun that the wall collapsed while the walkers were digging the road near the wall, while sandbags had been placed up against the wall on the other side.

“This occurred because the wall became slanted. There were sandbags up against the wall on the inner side. The wall collapsed on the three people while they were digging. One sustained a head laceration. The other two, although not showing much external injuries, are experiencing severe pain while moving. Further tests are required to know more,” he said.

All three of them have now been transported to Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital for further treatment. They are all residents of Holhudhoo.