Re-development of Aasahara to be complete by September

Re-development of Aasahara (Machangolhi Cemetery) on June 20, 2023. (Sun Photo/Naail Hafeez)

Male’ City Council states it is working to complete the re-development of the Machangolhi Cemetery, Aasahara, before September.

Burials at the Aasahara was suspended for the project last month. However, the mosque at the cemetery, Masjidul Al-Ta'aawun, remains open.

City councilor Adam Rameez told Sun on Tuesday that Aasahara hadn’t had any renovations done in years.

Rameez said that the city council, at the initiation of Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, decided to redevelop Aasahara as part of its work to develop the greater Male’.

He said that under the project, the capacity at the mosque will increase from 120 to 350 worshippers.

The project involves:

  • Building a designated prayer space for women on the first floor
  • Shifting the ambulance entry and exit to the back gate
  • Development of three VIP lounges with the capacity for 35 people, equipped with two toilets, a designated toilet for people with disabilities, and a breastfeeding room
Re-development of Aasahara (Machangolhi Cemetery) on June 20, 2023. (Sun Photo/Naail Hafeez)

Rameez said that as women are prohibited from entering the graveyard, special arrangements will be made so women can view the burial of their loved ones.

He said the burial will be visible from the top floor.

Rameez said the project is estimated to take three months, and that they are working as fast as they can.

“We are trying to complete the project even before September,” he said.