SSTV to bring video coverage of Eid festivities at Meedhoo

Agreement signing between Sun Siyam Media and Jammiyathuh Salah for video coverage of Eid festivities at R. Meedhoo. (Sun Photo)

An agreement was executed between SSTV and R. Meedhoo’s Jammiyathuh Salah regarding the video coverage of activities that will be held in Meedhoo as part of Eid al-Adha celebrations.

The agreement was signed during a special ceremony held at Sun SIyam Media by SSTV’s Chief Content Officer Mohamed Zaheen and the President of Jammiyathuh Salah’s Eid Committee Hussain Afeef.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Afeef said Meedhoo’s Eid practices are centered around traditional and cultural activities while also integrating modern activities.

He detailed that the events planned for Eid, targeted towards people of all ages, will also feature a children’s evening.

“We are working on improving Eid festivities compared to previous years. In this regard, we are working on improving the quality of clothes and items used for Eid. There will also be an Eid banquet which will feature a variety of foods including short eats,” he said.

Meedhoo will be the second island featured in SSTV’s ‘Bodu Eid Foari’ show. The first is B. Dharavandhooo.

SSTV’s Eid al-Adha coverage will be livestreamed on SSTV’s Facebook page while news and updates of the Eid festivities from across the nation will be brought through Sun Online.