Motion calls to reveal company gov compensated in 2023

Maduvvari MP Adam Shareef Umar. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

An emergency motion was submitted to the Parliament calling to publicize the companies compensated by the government during this year. 

The motion was put forth by the Maduvvari MP Adam Shareef Umar. However, he was unable to present the case due to interruptions from members from the government faction. 

The motion accused the government of issuing large sums of money to companies of senior state officials as well as those related to the higher ups and other individuals, under the guise of compensation. 

Ministry of Finance and Treasury on Sunday revealed information requested by Sun under the Freedom of Information Act. 

As per the information, the government had released funds to a company. However, the details of the company as well as the amount given was not released. 

As per MP Shareef’s motion, hiding the identity of a single company when the request was made under the Right to Information act shows the lack of regard for laws by the state. It also noted that this shows in a very public manner the government’s refusal to do things in a transparent manner, and had also claimed involvement of corruption in the transection. 

In addition to this, Shareef noted MVR 1.6 billion has been given by the current government in compensation, and expressed his belief that this should be done in a transparent manner. Moreover, he said that people have a right to know the reason behind the compensations. 

He called to release the identities of the companies as well as individuals, the amounts given, and the detailed reasoning behind it as well.

Meanwhile the Finance Ministry has said that this information cannot be shared with a third party as it is classified under a confidentiality agreement executed with the company in question.