Male’ City Council procures two buses for MVR 2M

Male’ City Council's buses. (Photo/Male' City Council)

Male’ City Council states it cost approximately MVR 2 million for the two buses it procured to begin bus services in the Maldivian capital last week.

The council previously stated that it began the bus service on June 1 to alleviate the difficulty faced by council workers in commuting to work from Hulhumale’.

When asked about the cost of the buses, the council’s spokesperson Aminath Shiuna said the buses were procured from the income the council earns.

“The council earns from fees, rent, fines and other charges,” she said.

The council’s bus service is available 24/7.

Male’ City Council's buses. (Photo/Male' City Council)

The rates:

  • Transfer of employees of offices other than the city council: MVR 150 for one-way, MVR 300 for two-way
  • One-month transfer of employees of other offices: MVR 9,000
  • Private hire: MVR 300, with MVR 100 charge for one-hour waiting time
  • Transfer after midnight: MVR 600

The council has announced that the bus service will be free for certain groups. They are:

  • People aged above 65 years
  • People with disabilities registered with the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA)
  • Children aged under six years

Passengers need to use a bus card to travel on the council’s buses.