Worker falls from Kulhudhuffushi building under construction

A worker who fell from a building in Kulhudhuffushi CIty being transported to the hospital. (Sun Photo)

A worker fell from a building in Kulhulhudhuffushi City under construction on Monday.

An individual who was in the area when the incident occurred told Sun that the worker fell while trying to disassemble a construction cradle from the second floor.

“The building is situated on the main road.  Is under construction,” the person noted.

The worker who fell was transported to Kulhudhufushi Regional Hospital (KRH) with the assistance of police and bystanders.

KRH’s Spokesperson Mohamed Moosa told Sun that the worker’s elbow was dislocated when brought in.

“Have been informed regarding multiple arm fractures. No major injuries apart from that,” the Spokesperson added.

The worker is still being treated at KRH.