Husband acquitted in stabbing after wife claims blade got lodged in sleep

Criminal Court of the Maldives on February 15, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Criminal Court, on Tuesday, acquitted Indian man who allegedly stabbed his wife in the thigh at an apartment in Male’ City. 

The incident was reported to Police at approximately 6:20am on February 2, 2022. Indian national Sreenivasan Subramani, 37, was charged with assault using a dangerous weapon or a sharp object under the Penal Code in connection to the case.

Although the wife stated her husband attacked her during the investigative stage – she altered her statement at a hearing held at the Criminal Court on Tuesday to deliver the verdict in the case.

As per the prosecution, the woman was stabbed in her sleep. However, at Tuesday’s hearing, the woman stated she was sleeping in the sitting room where she chops vegetables. Noting that the area contained knives, she said the wife got lodged inside her during her sleep.

The wife said that she previously stated her husband attacked her after being threatened with deportation. As the incident took place in private quarters – the whole case has been built around the testimonies of both individuals.

With the couple denying their statements during the investigative stages – Criminal Court, on Tuesday, concluded the charges had not been proven.