Male’ City Council to establish new office in Vilimale’

Members of Male' City Council convene for a meeting. (Photo/Male' City Council)

Male’ City Council, in its 93rd meeting of the fourth term, has decided to establish a new office of the council in the building allocated for the council in Vilimale’.

The council reported that all concrete works of the building are already complete – whereas the finishing works remain pending. The construction of the building is funded by the council’s budget.

Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, speaking at the meeting, said that the council’s new office in Vilimale’ would be more spacious than the existing one, thereby, will be able to accommodate more employees than the current Vilimale’ office.

“Two floors from the building will be allocated for administrative work as forecasted development at Vilimale’ is expected to increase the number of services that have to be provided for its residents as well as the number of employees,” he detailed.

Mayor Muizzu also noted that the building would comprise of a public meeting hall and conference room for meetings of councilors. Underscoring concrete works of the building have been completed, the Mayor said only a small budget is expected to suffice for the completion of the remaining works at the building.

Under its strategic action plan, Male’ City Council’s new building in Vilimale’ is being developed as an office that would serve as a ‘one-stop’ service center. That is for residents to have access to services provided by other government authorities within the building in addition to the services of the council.

However, in Wednesday’s meeting, Mayor Muizzu stressed these services cannot be provided simultaneously at the moment.