EPA fine boat that ran aground on Thilafushi reef

A boat which ran aground the reef off Fushi Dhiggaru on October 18, 2019. (Photo/MNDF)

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has fined the boat “AMSV Mariya Sinthayathirai Riyana” by MVR 3 million, over running aground on K. Thilafushi reef near Kudagiri.

The boat ran aground on January 31, 2023.

Speaking to Sun regarding the fine, the Director General of EPA, Ibrahim Naeem, said that the owners of the boat were fined after a survey was conducted to see how much damage was sustained by the reef due to the incident.

He went on to state that they conducted the survey with the help of divers and based on the extent on damages, an amount was decided for the fining.

“We use divers. Then we measure the damage sustained by the place. Then we calculate the damage received using a formula. We checked very well before we settled on the fine,” Naeem said.

EPA has found that an area measuring 130 square metres was damaged from the survey they conducted. The total fine for the area is 3,098,710.00.

This fine has to be paid within 30 days.

Boat owners have been fined due to running aground on reefs before as well. 

A bulk carrier boat that ran aground on the Rasfari reef was fined more than MVR 100 million before. They paid USD 10 million (MVR 154.2 million) for damages caused to the reef.