President nominates four names for BroadCom member post

Meeting of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (Broadcom)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has made four nominations to the parliament for the vacant post of member of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (BroadCom).

A letter to the parliament which was read out at Wednesday’s hearing stated that the nominations were made as incumbent BroadCom member Amjadh Waheed’s term is set to expire on March 15th.  President’s four nominations are the individuals who applied for the post before the expiration of the deadline.

They are;

  • Shiham Mohamed Waheed, Dhafthar 5143
  • Shaan Solih Mohamed, Finivaadhee, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  • Hussain Amr, V. Roashan
  • Safa Shafeeq, Billoori Villa, Dh. Meedhoo

Applications for BroadCom membership were opened following the resignation of former Vice President Ahmed Gais to partake in President Solih’s campaign for MDP’s presidential primary. Subsequently, President Solih appointed Mohamed Fazeen, who was serving as a member already, as the Vice President.

The current composition of BroadCom stands as follows;

  • Mariyam Waheeda, President
  • Mohamed Fazeen, Vice President
  • Amjadh Yoosuf, Member
  • Ali Yoosuf, Member
  • Aminath Ameena, Member
  • Mohamed Fazeen, Member
  • Shifla Ibrahim, Member

BroadCom is constituted of seven members – each appointed for a term of five years.