Gasim awarded honorary doctorate degree

Gasim Ibrahim has been awarded honorary doctorate in entrepreneurship degree by Malaysia’s Open University, in recognition of his services to the education sector in the Maldives.

The degree was presented to Chairman of Villa Group Gasim Ibrahim by Chancellor of Malaysia’s Open University Tun Jeanne Abdullah, at the 13th graduation ceremony of the university held at the Kuala Lumpur World Trade Centre last night.

Tun Jeanne said while speaking after presenting the certificate, that Gasim is a role model for students of entrepreneurship. He noted Gasim’s hard work in educating and training people in the Maldives, and said that the honour was presented to Gasim based on several such factors.

Gasim, while speaking in English at the ceremony, said that education opportunities were limited in the Maldives when he was a student, and that he thus focused on serving and advancing in the field of entrepreneurship. He said that it is his pleasure to use his wealth to facilitate education opportunities for others.

The honorary doctorate in entrepreneurship degree is given after research into persons who contribute to people’s education and training, and confirming that the chosen person has contributed in this regard to an extent worthy of an honorary doctorate degree.