Council: Missing elderly man from Mathiveri likely to have ventured into sea

Hassan Ali (Mathiveree Hassanfulhu), 72, Riveli, AA. Mathiveri.

AA. Mathiveri Council’s Vice President Ali Nafiz has stated that the missing elderly man from the island is suspected to have ventured into the sea.

Hassan Ali (Mathiveree Hassanfulhu), 72, Riveli, AA. Mathiveri, was last seen just after Magrib prayer on Tuesday.

Speaking to Sun on Wednesday, Nafiz said that there was evidence indicating Hassanfulhu ventured into sea. Detailing family members at home saw him preparing his snorkeling before he went missing, Nafiz said that the mask can no longer be located at him.

Additionally, Nafiz said that Hassanfulhu left his phone behind when left his home the last time.

“He usually carries betel nuts with him. But because he left those behind as well, it is highly likely he ventured into the sea,” he said.

Police, in collaboration with Mathiveri residents, commenced search efforts for Hassanfulhu this morning. Nafiz said that different placed on the island and the surrounding sea.

Nafiz said that MNDF soldiers are due to arrive on the island soon to aid in search efforts.