Café Thaaseer asked to vacate premise over risk of fire breakout

Cafe Thaaseer. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Tuesday, revealed that ‘Café Thaaseer’, in operation next to Villa Gas building in Boduthakurufaanu Magu, has been asked to vacate the premise as a precautionary measure over risk of the breakout of a devastating fire.

The land plot where Café Thaaseer is presently in operation has been allocated for the construction of a pay toilet. Male’ City Council has had previous attempts to vacate the premise as well.

Speaking to Sun, Mayor Dr. Muizzu said that Café Thaaseer was asked to vacate the premise as a precautionary measure following the several major fires in Male’ City.

He noted that next to Café Thaseer, was Villa Gas building, while next to that, is Maldives Gas building, which increase the chances of devastation should a fire occur.

“Next to this café is Villa Gas and Maldives Gas. There are petrol sheds that are not too further away. Things happen without warning. If a fire breaks out here, it would be of an unimaginable scale,” he said.

A fire broke out at Evening Café’s kitchen located in Orchid Magu recently, while another fire in a secondhand market, Neelan Fihaara, completely burned down an adjoining accommodation block of Male’ City Council staff.

Mayor Muizzu said that the Neelan Fihaara fire saw explosions of gas cylinders – which prompted the decision regarding Café Thaaseer.

In this regard, Male’ City Council reports they are ready to take all action to implement their decision.

The land plot where Café Thaaseer is located at has been approved for the operation of a pay toilet. A case was submitted to the court by City Council following to vacate Café Thaaseer following which its owners requested an interim order. The interim order was denied.

The owners of Café Thaaseer appealed the decision to High Court following which the case is presently proceeding.