Male’ City Council set to roll out penalties for littering on Friday

Male' City Council workers collect waste from a road in Male' City on December 29, 2022. (Photo/Male' City Council)

The city council has announced the decision to roll out penalties against people who litter the streets of Male’ City.

The city council said Tuesday it made the decision to introduce penalties for littering under the Decentralization Act and Act on Countering Violations of Community Standards.

“We will begin enforcing the penalties on Friday,” announced the city council.

The city council had compiled guidelines to provide community monitoring and security services in Male’ last year.

The city council had been letting people off with warnings for littering in the five months since the guideline was made, but had warned harsher penalties if littering did not stop.

The city council said that starting Friday, people fined for littering will not receive any services from the council until they pay the fine.

The city council asked that incidents of littering and violations of community standards be reported to the council’s hotline number 1622.