State Minister for Education accused of sexual harassment changed to Transport Ministry

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih presents Ahmed Riyaz (L) with his letter of appointment as State Minister for Education. (File Photo/President's Office)

State Minister for Education Ahmed Riyaz who was suspended with pay for a period of six months over a sexual harassment case has been changed to State Minister of Transport.

The Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Miuvaan Mohamed, confirmed the appointment of Riyaz as the State Minister of Transport. He did not, however, specify the progress of the investigation in the case.

Riyaz has been in suspension since May 29th over allegations of sexual harassment. He was suspended with pay.

The basic salary of a state minister is MVR 25,000. Including allowances, state ministers will get a take-home monthly pay of over MVR 41,200.

Therewith, when Riyaz who was appointed as a state minister on a slot of Jumhoory Party (JP), had received over MVR 200,000 while he was in suspension for six months. He did not undertake any responsibilities in his capacity as the state minister during this time.

While Riyaz has been transferred to another ministry – Deputy Minister for Transport Shimaz Ali who is facing allegations of corruption has been appointed as Deputy Minister for Youth as well.