Suspension of Transport Ministry’s assistant director revoked

People drive along a road in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The suspension of Rushuna Rasheed, an assistant director at the Transport Ministry, has been revoked.

Rushuna was suspended in mid-November in connection to a case involving illegal registration of vehicles.

Civil Service Commission (CSC) has confirmed the revocation of Rushuna’s suspension to Sun. CSC’s President Mohamed Naasih said that her suspension was revoked as it was believed there were no chances of the investigation being obstructed as a result.

“Because all the administrative investigations that were required regarding the case have been complete, it was believed there was no reason to extend the suspension,” he had said.

Nasih said that the corruption against Rushuna is still being reviewed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). He added that ACC, and CSC were collaborating in the investigation.

However, it is unclear at the moment how far the investigation has proceeded.

Transport Ministry recently cancelled the registration of 136 vehicles which it said was registered illegally.

Some of the owners of the vehicles filed a lawsuit with the Civil Court over the decision, and were granted an injunction to halt the cancellation of the registration of 87 vehicles.

Transport Ministry responded that the vehicles in question included vehicles that were too old for registration and vehicles illegally registered to the Male’ zone. The ministry said it will continue to cancel vehicle registrations where necessary.

Rushuna  is accused of accepting bribes to illegally register vehicles.