President presented with final report on Rilwan case

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (CR) is presented with final report on Rilwan case on December 15, 2022. (Photo/President's Office)

The members of the Disappearances and Deaths Commission (DDCom) have presented the final report of their findings into the 2014 abduction and murder of a local journalist to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, 28, a journalist who worked for Minivan News (later renamed Maldives Independent), was last seen on August 8, 2014. According to DDCom, their investigation uncovered Rilwan was abducted from outside his apartment in Hulhumale’, forced into a car, and then into a dinghy and into a fishing boat, after which he was beheaded and thrown overboard.

The DDCom presented President Solih with the final report of their findings on the case on Thursday afternoon.

In a meeting after the presentation of the report, DDCom members told President Solih they met with Rilwan’s family and briefed them in detail about their investigation and its findings.

Meanwhile, President Solih highlighted the work of the members of the commission and asked them to share their findings with the relevant authorities.

He also asked the commission members to proceed with the case in accordance with the laws and regulations.

President Solih met members of Rilwan’s family earlier this week.