No improvement in Faisal’s condition, still on ventilator

Nishama Mohamed, 28, and Aboobakur Faisal, 32, with their children.

Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital, on Thursday, has revealed that that the condition of Aboobakr Faisal, 32, ADh. Fenfushi has not improved while he still remains under the hospital’s care following his suicide attempt.

Faisal, who was arrested in connection to his wife, Nishama Mohamed, 28, HDh. Nolhivaram’s death, was found hanging in a holding cell at a police station in an apparent suicide attempt.

Nishama was found dead in her home in HDh. Nolhivaram on Saturday afternoon. Faisal ad initially fled to HDh. Kulhudhuffushi, before he turned himself in to the local police and was subsequently arrested.

He was found hanging in a holding cell at the Kulhudhuffushi Police Station at approximately 11:15 pm Monday. He was brought to Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital at approximately 11:40pm. A reliable source confirmed to Sun that Faisal’s heart was not beating when he was brought to the hospital. The source further stated that Faisal’s condition was critical, and he was being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

When inquired about his condition on Thursday, Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital’s media official told Sun that Faisal still remains in care at the ICU, on ventilator support.

“His condition as the same as before, critical,” the official added.

Nevertheless, the media official emphasized that doctors have not lost hope.

Police have disclosed little detail regarding their investigation into Nishama's death, other than to confirm the death is being treated as suspicious. A special team of investigators have been sent to Nolhivaram to investigate the case.

Her body has been transported to Male’ City, and is set to be flown overseas for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Nishama’s family believes she was killed by her husband as she is a victim of domestic violence. She reportedly had visible injuries on her body.

A trustable source also confirmed to Sun that Faisal is a drug addict.

Nishama is survived by three young children.