Indirect effects of Cyclone Mandous to the Maldives cease

Cyclone Mandous.

Maldives Meteorological Service (Met Office), on Wednesday, stated that the indirect effects of a rare December cyclone formed in the Bay of Bengal to the Maldives have ceased.

An official from Met Office told Sun that weather in the Maldives has improved after the indirect effects of ‘Cyclone Mendous’ on the island nation ceased.

However, the official said scattered rain is expected across the Maldives to an extent during next week’s Monday and Tuesday.

Seas and wind are forecasted to be calmer next week. In this regard, Met Office has predicted wind of 15 miles per hour for next week.

“However, strong winds are expected on the 20th,” the official had said.

Maldives had already been experiencing widespread rain and strong winds, even before the cyclone, as the monsoon changes from southwest monsoon (wet season) and northeast monsoon (dry season).

Moreover, the shift in seasonal winds from west to east at the end of the south-west monsoon and at the onset of northeast monsoon which brings in dust and smoke from the Himalayan foothills across the Bay of Bengal to Maldives – causing a ‘haze’.