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Live coverage of the 6th episode of 'Ask Speaker'


Welcome to the live coverage of the 6th episode of 'Ask Speaker' featuring Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. 


He also said that MDP's coalition partners, in 2018, had agreed to change the governing system of the Maldives to a parliamentary system. 


Parliament Speaker Nasheed said that MDP's most important pledge to its members has not been fulfilled. He named the pledge as changing the governance system of Maldives to a parliamentary system. 


Parliament Speaker said he will not take the members that are blatantly berating him alongside him towards the citizens for the second time - citing this was as these members are currently not accepted by the citizens.  

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed appears of an episode of 'Ask Speaker' on December 1, 2022. (Photo/People's Majlis)


Nasru Ibrahim's question 

You are a person that has advocated for freedom of assembly, and have also done it. MDP is the party that taught this to Maldivians. The bill to nullify the article on peaceful demonstrations has been sent to the Parliament, and is now stuck in committee stages. Is this not concerning for you? Is not taking up the case with High Court a slap on MDP's fundamentals? Is there anything that can be done regarding this? 

Parliament Speaker's answer 

As you know, it was submitted in a manner to construe (freedom of assembly). The fact the bill is still in the parliament is the reason it has not been construed. This bill is presently with the Parliament's Committee on National Security Services. After the Committee makes a decision only, it would be brought to the floor. Vote would be asked for. This is not happening as I wish. It will happen by the votes of the majority of the members. At present, MDP has the Parliament's majority. As I believe, MDP members will be voting based on the core interests and policies of the party. I do not believe MDP members would vote in violation of this. 


If we are increasing job opportunities by increasing government jobs, we are talking about a very disorderly economy. Job opportunities must increase with the improvement of private sector businesses, increase in GDP, and increase in job opportunities within the private sector.

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed


Parliament Speaker Nasheed said that a complaint sent over employment at Fenaka not being confirmed had been sent to Parliament's State-Owned Enterprises Committee. He emphasized that Fenaka's response regarding the issue was inadequate. 


These things never live up to what we expect. Thus, it is important to work harder. I believe the members expressing more interest towards the parliament and the public monitoring our work would be a positive push to perform better.

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed


I have to say that parliament concluded lots of work by the end of the last session of 2022. A reasonable amount of bills have been completed. Especially significant works and bills were completed by the parliament.

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed