After 11 years, Kulhudhuffushi residents finally get their row houses

Row houses build in Kulhudhuffushi. (Photo / KO Photo)

After 11 years of waiting, residents of Kulhudhiffushi City finally begin to receive the key to their row houses.

As a solution to the shortage of land in the city, a reclamation project was carried out 11 years ago in the city.

Subsequently, in 2011, the development of row houses commenced in the reclaimed area.

The project to build 165 row houses was awarded to Noomadi Resort Pvt Ltd, which handed it over to a subcontractor Island Line Pvt Ltd.

However, due to various reasons, only 60 of the row houses were completed by them.

Finally, this year, in April, the government awarded Dhonbez Pvt Ltd to complete the remaining 105 houses.

Upon completion and handover of the houses by the company, the handover of keys to the owners of the row houses commenced on Saturday, November 26.

Speaking about this with Sun, Kulhudhuffushi Council revealed to Sun that in this round, keys will be handed over to 85 individuals.

Row houses build in Kulhudhuffushi. (Photo / KO Photo)

“We are currently looking through the lists to find out everything necessary. For instance, we are finding out via Planning Ministry if any induvial who received a row house has a plot of land registered to them. After that, names that need to be deducted will be removed, and changes will be brought accordingly,” said Council member Ahmed Abdulla.

These row houses are an end of a long waiting period for those eager to receive housing from the city.

An individual who has been awarded a row house spoke with Sun, stating that the biggest satisfaction was the positive changes this will bring to their lives.

“I was living in a single room with two children. I do not have anywhere that is my own. This is an opportunity for those who want to start a family life separately.”

Furthermore, the person noted that this would bring solutions to many social issues as well.

Kulhuddufushi City Council said that the handover process of keys will be done completely within the next month.