Maalhos: Chemistry to be taught online, biology by principal

AA. Maalhohu School. (Photo/Maalhos Council)

Arrangements have been made to teach chemistry and biology at the AA. Maalhohu School, states the Education Ministry.

In a statement Monday, Education Ministry said chemistry will be taught online by teachers from Addu High School until a teacher is appointed.

“The subject will be taught by experienced teachers from Addu High School,” said the ministry.

Education Ministry said that since the Maalhohu School’s principal is a biology teacher, the subject will be taught by the principal until a teacher is appointed.

The statement comes after parents of ninth graders refused to send their children to school due to lack of chemistry and biology teachers at the school.

A parent who spoke to Sun said the school hasn’t had chemistry and biology teachers since the beginning of the current academic year.

The parent said the school recently brough in an Indian teacher to teach chemistry, but the teacher themselves admitted they were not a chemistry teacher.

The teacher in question had left the island shortly after joining the school without informing the school or council, said the parent.

“The school held a meeting for ninth grade parents over the issue. And the principal said a chemistry teacher in Addu was ready to take classes online. But this is not what we want. This is not a permanent solution,” said the parent.