Tree Top Hospital opens Family Medicine Clinic

Tree Top Hospital has announced the opening of a Family Medicine Clinic at the hospital.

In the statement released announcing this, the hospital noted the importance of preventive healthcare to maintain a healthy life.

Hence, the hospital stated that it was their aim with this clinic was to help people identify health issues with regular checkups, prompting treatment so complications can be avoided.

Furthermore, TTH said that this would save on medical costs as prior check-ups will identify problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, or certain cancers earlier when it is most treatable.

“At Tree Top Hospital, Family Medicine specialists collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to deliver a wide range of acute, chronic and preventive care, routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunizations, screening tests and personalized counselling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” read the statement.

 Some of the services provided under the clinic include:

-       General consultations

-       Preventative care

-       Routine checkups

-       Health-risk assessments

-       Immunizations

-       Work permit medicals

-       Screening tests

-       Personalized counselling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

As per TTH, the Clinic is located on the 1st floor of the hospital and will be the first point of contact for patients' general health concerns.

Furthermore, the hospital revealed that its Family Medicine is offered under the guidance of Family Medicine Specialist, Dr Ibrahim Iyaz.

Dr Ibrahim Iyaz completed his MBBS from Balian Medical University, China, and later completed a postgraduate in General Practice from the National Academy of Medical Sciences in Nepal. Dr Iyaz has previously worked at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital as a Physician in the trauma and Emergency Department and as a Medical Officer in Pediatric Department.