Government: Aim to make housing flats livable next year

The housing units developed by the government in the second phase of Hulhumale'. (Sun photo / Ibrahim Shamveel)

The government estimates that the flats developed under the government’s social housing schemes will be completed at the earliest, and people will be able to live in some of them by next year.

On Tuesday, the government shared with journalists the progress on the flats being developed by the government.

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure revealed that development on 6,175 housing units was underway.

Speaking with the press, the Senior Executive Director of the Housing Ministry Mohamed Arif said that physical was on 54 towers were ongoing. He added that no other government had ever undertaken such large-scale projects during the last year of being in office.

Moreover, Arif said that the government aims to complete the project at the earliest and make way for people to be able to live in some of the units by year.

 “Government aims to conduct housing projects in a manner that is affordable or available for all the people. So, the units developed with real estate developers are price controlled and conditioned to be sold for first-time home bearers.”

The ministry also shared the details on the 4,000 housing units being developed in the greater Male’ region.

The project is undertaken by Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC).

Business Manager of FDC Ahmed Shamool Abdulla said that the physical work on the 4,000 units has commenced.

The housing units developed by the government in the second phase of Hulhumale'. (Sun photo / Ibrahim Shamveel)

“JMC project’s 16 percent is completed. The NBCC project’s 13.5 percent has been completed. By next year some of the towers will be completed. The entire project will be finished by 2024. Work will go as per timeline.”

Under the Gedhoruveriyaa project, 1,200 units with two rooms, and 2,800 units of three. The two room apartments are 650 square feet, while the three-room units are 900 square feet.

In addition to this, projects are handed over to private parties and Housing Development Corporation (HDC). The units handed to HDC are subcontracted to Apollo.

Hence, work on a total of 6,175 housing units is ongoing, revealed the ministry.

The housing flats include high-range, mid-range, and social housing units.