DRP calls to withdraw no-confidence motion against Nazim

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has called upon Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to withdraw the no-confidence motion against Defence Minister Colonel (Rtd) Mohamed Nazim.

DRP said the motion should be withdrawn if MDP does not wish to see their party members disheartened and humiliated.

DRP’s Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Kelaa MP Dr Abdullah Mausoom said in an interview to Sun Online today that if MDP does not want to be humiliated, they will withdraw their no-confidence motion against Nazim.

“If MDP Majlis members do not want to be humiliated, and if they do not want to see their general members disheartened, I call upon them to withdraw the no-confidence motion against Nazim,” said Mausoom.

He also said that MDP members were emotionally charged when they put forth the no-confidence motion and that they had failed to state the grounds under which the motion was being introduced.

He also said that the real motive behind the motion was to torment the government and that DRP will not support MDP’s emotionally-charged actions.

“The real motive behind MDP’s motion is to torment the government and to waste Majlis time. All we see in the Majlis these days is wasting time on emotions related to the past 30 years [Maumoon’s presidency] and the past 3 years [Nasheed’s presidency]. We in DRP do not want to waste time on these emotions. We do not support the actions charged by the emotions of these years. We have to let go of these emotions and do responsible work in the Majlis,” Dr Mausoom said.

He said that however, DRP too will support a vote of no-confidence if they find that a minister of the cabinet is not carrying out his responsibilities to the fullest, and if credible reasons exist for a motion of no-confidence.

Dr Mausoom also said that both MDP and PPM are working in an emotionally-charged fashion and that they are not concerned of the best interest of the nation. He also said MDP wants the nation to be in constant turmoil and that they do not believe in prioritising national interest.

Regarding the issue of no-confidence, Defence Minister Nazim told Sun Online that MDP’s motive for introducing the no-confidence motions is to weaken the government, and that MDP will not succeed.