HPA: Heart disease linked to lifestyle

HPA's deputy director Hassan Ahmed.

Heart disease is often linked to lifestyle, states Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s deputy director Hassan Ahmed.

In an appearance on PSM’s Raaje Miadhu show Friday, Hassan said 84 percent of mortality and disability risk factors from disease were found to be due to non-communicable diseases.

He said that the number of heart disease patients were relatively high in Maldives, and that cases of strokes due to heart disease was increasing.

“We estimate 21 percent of women and 29 percent of men die of heart disease,” he said.

Hassan said access to medical care for heart disease had improved in Maldives, helping push down mortalities due to heart disease.

The biggest purpose of marking World Heart Day is to raise awareness about heart disease.

He said that lifestyle choices such as food, drink and physical activeness, had a significant link to heart disease.

World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29.