Youth dies amidst football match in Hinnavaru

Lh. Hinnavaru. (Photo/HINUS)

A young man from Lh. Hinnvaru died on Friday, in the middle of a football match.

Hinnvaru Council member Hassan Waheed Abdulla told Sun that Mubthadha Ali, a resident of the island, passed away this evening whilst playing a football match.

He detailed Mubthadha had collapsed during the match with chest pain.

Waheed said that Mubthadha was transported to neighboring Lh. Naifaru for treatment. He added that is it unclear whether Mubthadha passed away before he was transported to Naifaru, or during his treatment at the island.

Well-wishers who expressed condolences on social media following his death said that Mubthadha was an avid football player, with a keen interest in sports.

In late August, a young man from ADh. Dhidhdhoo died in the middle of a match in a regional volleyball tournament.

Ahmed Abdulla (Ducky), 37, had also suddenly collapsed during the match, moments after he complained of chest pain.