Secretary generals sought for 42 island councils

Members of Shaviyani Atoll Council.

Civil Service Commission (CSC) is seeking secretary generals for 42 island councils across the Maldives.

As per the Commission, they are recruiting 42 secretary generals for island councils where the secretary general has resigned and for island councils where a secretary general has not been appointed.

There are two ranks of secretary generals. The salary for secretary generals of first rank MVR 16,000 – whilst the salary for secretary generals of second rank is MVR 12,285.

Apart from this, CSC is also seeking secretary generals for four atoll councils. The salary of a secretary general in an atoll council is MVR 21,000.

The deadline for applications for both island councils and atoll councils is September 26.

A secretary general of the council is the highest administrative staff in a council. As per the Decentralization Act, secretary generals are appointed to councils for a term of five years by CSC, under the advice of the respective council.