Investor sought for Farukolhu Airport
An aerial photo of Sh. Farukolhu: an airport will be constructed on this island

Investor sought for Farukolhu Airport

    December 2, 2012 - 5 years 3 months ago

The government has decided to build an airport at Sh. Farukolhu, and made an announcement in search of an investor.

Minister of Tourism Ahmed Adheeb told Sun Online today that the decision was made jointly by the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Tourism.

He informed that investors can submit “expression of interest” documents within 14 days starting from today.

He said that the decision to build an airport at Farukolhu was made because the biggest obstacle to the planned tourist-resort projects for islands in this region, is transport difficulties.

Adheeb stressed the importance of improving transport facilities in the atoll, also for the progress of the resorts that already exist in the region.

“The purpose is to have more beds in Sh. Atoll, to develop tourism. The obstacle to developing tourism in that atoll is transport. I am hoping to find a solution to this issue by solving the problem of transport,” he said.

Two new airports have been opened in the Maldives this year, namely an airport in Ga. Kooddoo which was developed by Singapore’s Bonavista and opened in September; and an airport in B. Dharavandhoo which was developed by Coastline and opened in October.


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