Advertorial: Tree Top Hospital offers health screening packages

Tree Top Hospital offers health screening packages. (Photo/Tree Top Hospital)

Tree Top Hospital is a multidisciplinary, specialized tertiary care hospital aimed to revolutionize the Maldivian healthcare industry by establishing international quality standards and outstanding services.

In addition to expanding its range of specialties, Tree Top Hospital has introduced several health screening packages.

Health Screening is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does a regular check-up mean early detection of potential health problems, but it can also offer peace of mind that you are leading a healthy lifestyle. Proactively identifying and regularly going for health checkups will allow for prompt treatment, which can reduce complications that reduce the quality of life, and also helps to save on medical costs.

Our health screening packages are tailored for everyone to assess the functioning of their overall health and identify the potential areas of risk to prevent future health problems.

Please find below the details of the health screening packages:

1. Well Male Package

TTH Well Male Package includes comprehensive tests needed to detect the most common illnesses among men.

2. Well Woman Package

TTH Well Women Packages include comprehensive health screening examinations to detect various health conditions at different stages of a woman’s life.

Under the Well, Women Package guests can avail themselves either

  • Well Woman Package (18 -34)
  • Well Woman Package (35 and above)

3. Healthy Living Package (Basic and Advanced)

The Healthy Living package offers two types of health screenings.

  • Basic Package
  • Advanced Package

Both packages include wide-ranging services and laboratory investigations.

4. Heart Screening Package

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for men and women in the Maldives.

Tree Top Hospital offers expertise in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cardiac conditions with a comprehensive range of investigations and clinical care by highly trained and experienced cardiologists.

Under the Heart Screening package guests can avail of the Healthy Heart package and Strong Heart package curated to include Clinical Examinations, OPD consultations, Diagnostics, and Laboratory Investigations.

To learn more about each of the package details visit TTH's website.

For more information, please contact 3351610 or email [email protected].