Vice President: Most vows President made last year for education sector fulfilled

Vice President Faisal Naseem speaking at the special assembly held at Majeediyya School to mark the beginning of the new Academic Year 2022-2023. (Photo / Presidents Office)

Vice President Faisal Naseem on Sunday stated that the majority of the projects announced for the education sector by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih last year have been completed.

Speaking at the special assembly held at Majeediyya School to mark the beginning of the new Academic Year 2022-2023, Vice President stated that the President and the administration give high priority to the development of the education sector.

He also noted the continuation of teaching and infrastructure development throughout the lockdowns due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Speaking in this regard, the Vice President emphasised that, despite the economic hardships and challenges of the pandemic, the administration worked towards ensuring a conducive environment for teachers.

Moreover, he said that the administration perceives the requirements needed to provide quality education.

The Vice President addressed building a generation of children equipped to face the 21st century, he highlighted the need to ensure the development of teachers and expressed hope of achieving this goal through the collective efforts of the whole nation.

Additionally, VP Naseem talked about the significance of learning and education and noted the importance of starting at an early age.

He said that the lessons learned as children stay with us for the rest of our lives, and also encouraged students to broaden their perspectives and face the new academic year with a renewed resolve for success.

He also shared greetings on the occasion of the new academic year with all students, parents, and teachers.

A total of 271 schools started classes across the country on Sunday for 2022–2023. Over 92,000 students attend these schools, among whom 76,000 are in 217 public schools. There are over 8,300 teachers currently staffing these schools.