June 28 a holiday, paving way for five-day long Independence Day celebrations

The President's Office. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The President’s Office, on Thursday, has restated their decision to declare Thursday, June 28, a public holiday – paving way for five-day long celebrations in conjunction with Independence Day.

The days initially declared as holidays for Independence Day were Tuesday, July 26, and Wednesday, July 27. These two days are followed by Thursday, another working day, after which the weekend commences.

Therewith, the government had decided to declare June 28 as a public holiday back in December 2021 – a decision they restated today.

Subsequently, Independence Day celebrations with be extended from July 26 to July 31.

President’s Office said that the government decided against proclaiming government holiodays on Sunday, July 24 and Monday July 25.

The government will reopen after Indepdence Day holidays on July 31.