President: Nurture and educate children so their grow up to be your pride

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih holds a child during a visit to Dh. Hulhudheli. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Tuesday that the key to ensuring that every child grows up to be a source of pride for their parents and families is to ensure their right to quality education and to nurture them from an early age.

He made the remark in a statement on occasion of Children’s Day.

In his statement, President Solih said that the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of children did not lie just with parents, but with the entire community.

He said that each and every member of society must respect the rights of children, and protect and preserve their dignity.

President Solih stressed the need to expand the opportunities for children to reach their full potential through the modern education system and pay special attention to instilling the true Islamic faith, its values, and virtues in the hearts of young children.

He spoke about insulating children from negative influences and ensuring they have the opportunity to grow up in a peaceful and stable society.

He also spoke about increasing environmental awareness among children, describing it as a significant investment for the country's future.

President Solih urged parents to nurture children and ensure their rights to quality education, and to encourage them towards unity and respect.