Parliament goes into recess with 50% work done

Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed presides over a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

The Parliament has gone into recess after completing 49.6 percent of the work set in the agenda for the first session of the year.

Parliament’s standing orders state the first session must be held from February to April.

Statistics for the first session show the Parliament convened for 35 sittings, with members spending 71 hours and 11 minutes in sittings.

The Parliament also held 170 committee meetings, totaling 134 hours and 18 minutes.

Of the 28 bills submitted during the first session, work was completed on just eight bills.10 resolutions were submitted to the Parliament during the session. Work was completed on just two of the resolutions.

The government sought parliamentary approval on eight matters. The Parliament completed work on seven.

And work was complete on five out of eight submissions by the presidency.

The Parliament completed all 12 of the emergency motions submitted during the session, along with five regular motions.

26 out of 49 questions requested of Cabinet ministers were asked.

Of the 131 tasks in the agenda for the first session of the year, the Parliament completed just 65 tasks, meaning 49.6 percent of the scheduled tasks.

The bills completed during the session include the Utility Bill, the SME Bill, Foreign Service Bill, Electronic Transaction Bill, and Judges Bill.

The second session of the year will begin on May 16, and conclude in end of June.