Tree Top Hospital introduces EEG under sedation for children

An electroencephalogram (EEG) being performed on a child. (Photo/Tree Top Hospital)

Tree Top Hospital has introduced the service of EEG under sedation for children.

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a recording of brain activity. This is a pain-free test where small sensors are attached to the scalp to pick up the electrical signals produced by the brain. An EEG can be used to diagnose and monitor a various number of brain conditions.

Although EEG is preferable to be performed during spontaneous sleep without sedation – it may be difficult to perform it on some children without sedation. To tackle this issue, Tree Top Hospital has begun offering EEG under sedation for children.

EEG under sedation is usually performed on children with behavioral disorders such as autism and ADHD or for children who have difficulty with spontaneous sleep.

If a child cannot remain still for the test – a sedative is administered during the process to calm the child. The procedure would only be performed upon an order by a specialist.

Tree Top Hospital’s Neurophysiology Laboratory provides sophisticated diagnostic services for detecting a wide range of neurological disorders and conditions. Highly skilled technologists at the lab perform and interpret a range of neurodiagnostic tests that assist physicians in the diagnosis of various neurological conditions. These conditions include seizure disorders, headaches, brainstem dysfunctions and other disorders affecting the nervous system.

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