Local family stranded in war-torn area repatriated to Maldives

Maldivians taking part in war at Syria.

Home Ministry, on Friday, has stated that a local family stranded in a war-torn area have been repatriated to Maldives.

In a statement released today, Home Ministry said that from locals who have traveled to war-tone areas, the first family, including women and children, from a group of people who had become stranded abroad, with their lives at risk, have been repatriated to Maldives today.

The Ministry detailed that the family included a Maldivian woman, and four of her children who are below the age of 18.

The Ministry also detailed that families of local men, their wives and children who had traveled to war-torn areas years ago have been filing complaints with the President and different authorities regarding such individuals living at refugee camps, with their lives at risk.

Noting addressing such issues to be an electoral pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Soih, Home Ministry stressed that the government, over the past years, has made many efforts in this endeavor.

Apart from this, the Ministry underscored that the government’s priority in this matter is to ensure the civil peace and security of the Maldives, as well as to guarantee the basic human rights of Maldivian citizens. They also cited rehabilitation of individuals who have been outcast from the society for various reasons in accordance with the local laws and international practices, in order to reintegrate them back into the society as responsible citizens, to be another priority.

Many Maldivians have been killed, after traveling overseas to areas of conflict to take part in ongoing wars. A special center has been established for the purpose of rehabilitating people who return from such places, after being stranded.

Over possibilities of extremism further spreading in the country, many have expressed discontent over the repatriation of locals who go for war in other countries.