President Solih discharged from hospital after surgery

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at a press conference.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed that he has been discharged from the hospital on Tuesday morning after his surgery.

In his tweet revealing this, the President also stated that he was “doing well, and will be returning home to the Maldives in a few days.”

Additionally, he expressed gratitude for all the well wishes sent his way.

On February 24, following the advice of his doctors, the President underwent surgery on his thyroid.

In a historical first for Maldives, the Vice President Faisal Naseem temporarily assumed the responsibilities of the President under Article 23 of the Constitution – in the event the President is temporarily unable to perform the duties and responsibilities of office, he shall inform Parliament Speaker in writing specifying the reasons thereof and handover his duties and responsibilities to the Vice President. The President will be able to resume responsibilities of his office after informing Parliament Speaker.

President Solih is in Singapore to seek medical care for his thyroid issues, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Fazna Ahmed.