Maldivian students: Kharkiv unsafe, shops might run out of food

Underground metro station which Maldivian students at Kharkiv, Ukraine is seeking shelter at. (Photo/A Maldivian student)

Maldivian students who are currently ‘stuck’ at Kharkiv, Ukraine have stressed that the city is unsafe.

To date, there are eight local students at Kharkiv. Sun has learned that they have been unable to leave Ukraine, over visa issues.

Ukraine had suspended air travel when Russia had launched attacks against the country. Therefore, the only mode of travel available is land transportation. 

In a statement released yesterday, local students stuck at Kharkiv said that the eight students at Kharkiv were currently at the same place; being a metro station as a safety measure.

The students further detailed that they were in a state of fear as Russian troops are attacking civilian areas.

In addition to this, the students said that most shops have been running out of food – whereas a majority of the ATMs do not work.

The Maldivian Embassy in Germany has made arrangements for students in Kharkiv to be able to leave Ukraine, if they can manage to travel to the western border of the country.

In their statement, the students stressed that Kharkiv was far from the western border – adding that this does not seem to be the safest choice considering the current situation.

There were 50 local students residing in Ukraine for higher education. A significant number of these students had been repatriated when fears of war heightened.

Currently, there are nine local students in total in Ukraine; eight at Kharkiv and one at Dnipro.