HPA: Can fully overcome Omicron wave within two months

Rapid Response Team (RRT) operates in the streets of Male' City to conduct COVID-19 tests on July 15, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has stated that it will take two more months for the Maldives to fully overcome the Omicron wave.

Speaking regarding the decreased numbers of COVID-19 testing in the Maldives, an official from HPA said that the Omicron wave in Male’ area has now been fully overcome. The official said that the impact of Omicron wave is mainly being experienced across islands in atolls at present.

Noting that a large number of people who were infected with COVID-19 in the Maldives has fully recovered – the official said that the surge in the number of cases in the atolls outside of Male’ area was still serious and concerning.

HPA attributed the decreased numbers of COVID-19 testing in the Maldives Maldives – leading to lesser cases – to individuals who do not need to travel getting tests done using rapid antigen kits.

“Home testing was approved as well. That is why the number of tests we have conducted has decreased. We assume that a large number of people who do not require documents get their tests done at home using home kits,” the official said.

At a press conference held by HPA in early January, Dr. Nazla Rafeeq had stated that although Delta wave cases were mostly detected in Male’ area, Omicron wave will hit the whole of Maldives. She cited that this was as border controls have been significantly reasoned compared to when Delta wave had hit.

Maldives reported its first Omicron case in last November; from a South African tourist who had traveled to the country.