Physical works on Hinnavaru road development project begins

Inauguration ceremony of Lh. Hinnavaru road development project. (Photo/Road Development Corporation)

Road Development Corporation (RDC) has commenced physical works on the road development project at Lh. Hinnavaru.

RDC’s Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik (Mookey) said that the company will be developing 18 roads measuring 7,125 kilometers up to modern standards under the project which is being undertaken on a design and build basis.

Mookey said that the project was awarded to the company to be completed within a period of 540 days. He stressed that the work will be carried out with the most modernized techniques.

“Our work is to develop the roads up to modern standards. By the time roads are completed in the island, work will be done on installing streetlights on the roads and laying down the cables required to power the lights,” he detailed.

Speaking further, Mookey said that completion of the road development project at Hinnavaru will bring about many benefits to the people of the islands. Highlighting that roads at Hinnavaru flood easily, Mookey said that the completion of the project will remedy this issue.

RDC was contracted for the project by Planning Ministry in last year April. The project is valued at MVR 122,048,704.