Saudi Arabia mandates booster dose for pilgrims starting February

A Saudi Arabian man holds up his phone showing his profile on Tawwakalna application. (Photo/Saudi Gazette)

Saudi Arabia, has announced its decision to mandate booster dose for pilgrims traveling to the country for Hajj and Umrah starting from February.

A Saudi Arabian media outlet, Saudi Gazette, reports that ‘Immune’ vaccine status will only be issued for those above the age of 18 using Tawakkalna applications for their COVID-19 information, if they have received the booster dose should eight months have passed after taking the second dose.

To urge more people to get vaccinated, Saudi’s Ministry of Interior has mandated booster shot for individuals that had passed eight months since the second dose – to enter facilities, public places, entertainment venues, airplanes and public transportation.

Tawakkalna application is the official application approved by Saudi’s Health Ministry to review the health status of individuals pertaining to COVID-19. It is also used for contract tracing.

People are allowed to enter public places in Saudi Arabia after their health status is assessed through the application.

Nationals from over 70 countries can use this application, including Maldivians. Travelers from these countries traveling to Saudi Arabia must use the application, and vice versa.