Aasandha suspends two clinics due to billing for services not provided

Aasandha office. (File Photo/Raajjemv)

General Manager of Aasandha Company Ltd Aminath Zeeniya revealed that two clinics have been suspended after they were found billing charges for services that were not provided.

Speaking during local broadcaster PSM’s news programme, Zeeniya said that this was revealed from the SMS notification from Aasandha,

She went on to state that about 15 percent of complaints received in connection to the SMS notification are about billing for services that were never provided.

Zeeniya said that they investigate these cases with utmost seriousness.

“We have already suspended two clinics through this investigation”

She stressed that it was really important for patients who receive calls from Aasandha regarding such an incident to provide all necessary information and documents at the earliest possible.

Additionally, she noted that in some cases when the patient goes seeking a service that is not covered under Aasandha, a large amount is charged from them, and afterwards the same amount is billed to Aasandha. They have also received reports of instances when customers were charged double the amount, she said.

“We received complaints of places logging services that were never provided. Once SMS notification is received, it is very easy to identify that it was logged.”

Zeeniya further revealed that they have been calling customers who were provided services from the suspended clinics to find out about any additional issues. She requested patients to comply when they receive such calls from Aasandha and to provide all necessary information and documents.


Moreover, she requested anyone who notices such incidents to report without any further delays to the hotline number of Aasandha 1400.