Aasandha to be provided for newborns older than 28-days for their own ID cards starting today

A man carries a baby on the streets of Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Aasandha Company Limited has stated that newborns who are older than 28-days will be provided the services under Aasandha scheme for their own identity cards starting today.

As part of easements given last year by the Company in attaining their service at the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic - newborns who are older than 28-days can be provided services under the Aasandha scheme even if presented with their mothers’ identity card.

The discontentment of this easement starting from November was initially informed by the Company back in September.

Noting that though their services are also provided for those who present a copy or a photo of their identity cards, Aasandha noted that the actual policy is to provide services upon the presentation of the original identity card – hence encouraged those who wish to obtain services under Aasandha scheme bring their identity cards.

Aasandha began discontinuing easements given in attaining their service amidst the pandemic in October. One such easement that was discontinued is the allowance for persons taking long-term medication to be issued medication twice for the same prescription. On this note – medicine is now issued just once per prescription.