Shahid: Together, humanity can rise from effects of climate change

Maldivian Foreign Minister and President of the 76th UNGA, Abdulla Shahid. (Photo/UN)

UNGA President, Maldivian Foreign Minister states that humanity has the capacity to combat and rise from the effects of climate change by working together. 

In an interview to China’s Xinhua news agency earlier this week, Shahid said that countries across the world have no choice but to face the reality of climate change. 

"We are seeing the devastation, the wrath of nature, unleashed on us, like it has never before. We are seeing floods. We are seeing forest fires. We are seeing... you name it. We need to face this," he said. 

Shahid said that the world has the scientific knowledge and the technology to deal with climate change, and the only problem is "lack of courage." 

"We need to do something, and that something I believe, is to give confidence to our people that it is possible to have a better tomorrow," he said. 

Shahid is set to convene a high-level meeting themed "Delivering Climate Action: for People, for Planet and for Prosperity" on Tuesday. 

The meeting will be held ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which will begin in November in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Shahid said that efforts must be made to ensure that the United Nations, composed of 193 countries, gives itself one last "push" to make sure that "we go to Glasgow united."

"We go to Glasgow knowing that we have the courage to take that important step to correct our path. And that is why I'm convening this event on 26th of October," he said.