Pay Commission: Majority of the work pertaining to increasing salaries are complete

Civil servants wear black in a silent protest on September 19, 2021. (Photo/Civil Servants Association)

Vice President of National Pay Commission Mariyam Niyaaf Mohamed has stated that the majority of the work pertaining to increasing the salaries of civil servants has been completed.

Answering a question posed by Sun regarding the silent protest staged by civil servants across the nation today over multiple concerns – Niyaaf said that increasing salaries entails a lot of work. She then added that the majority of the work in this regard – has already been completed whereas the Commission is currently at the final stages.

“We are carrying out this work by formulating a separate framework for each designation. In this regard, frameworks have been formulated for almost all designations,” she had said.

Niyaaf further added that the Commission is currently working on finalizing the framework – by sending it for approval sector by sector.

“We are targeting to finish up everything on our side by the end of this year,” she added.

When the framework is finalized by the Pay Commission – it will be implemented by the Finance Ministry and the Government.