Vice President: Special attention must be given to nurture a responsible generation

Vice President Faisal Naseem meets L. Maabaidhoo Council on September 9, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

Vice President Faisal Naseem has emphasized on the importance of giving special attention to nurturing children so that future generations grow up as responsible citizens.

Speaking during a meeting held with L. Maabaidhoo Council – he had urged the Council to conduct various training and awareness programs – in order to nurture a responsible future generation.

During this meeting, Vice President was also briefed on the concerns of the Council as well as the challenges faced by Maabaidhoo residents. Concerns raised in this regard were mostly pertaining to the seriousness of land erosion, lack of staff and other resources within the education sector, challenges faced in the management of the Council Secretariat, the Health Centre and the management of waste on the island. Councilors also expressed concern about the lack of police presence on the island.

Speaking regarding their plans for the development of the island – the Councilors expressed their wish to introduce local tourism in the near future. They also requested the government’s assistance for this endeavor. It was also noted that the island mosque is pending renovations.

In response – Vice President had stated that their concerns will be relayed to relevant government authorities and agreed to work alongside them to find speedy solutions for it. Noting that Maabaidhoo has promise for local tourism – Vice President vowed to look into avenues to facilitate the process. He also stressed the increased economic value local tourism would bring to the island.

Whilst Vice President had conducted this meeting at the President’s Office today – the President and the First Lady are currently away on an official trip to some of the islands in both Shaviyani and Raa Atoll.