BroadCom probe into problematic TV broadcast by Channel 13

Channel 13 logo and board outside its offices. (Sun Photo/Ali Naseer)

Maldives Broadcasting Commission (BroadCom) is probing into a matter in connection to the television program ‘Hajam’ broadcasted by Channel 13.

In a tweet today, BroadCom stated that a matter regarding the contents of ‘Hajam’ program broadcasted last night by Channel 13 has been brought to their attention and that they would be investigating the matter in line with their procedures.

BroadCom also urged all broadcasters to uphold rules of broadcasting

Speaking to Sun today, President of BroadCom Mariyam Waheeda (Mary) has said that Channel 13’s case is being investigated as a serious matter and the investigation has been scheduled for Sunday.

“We are in the view that the contents of last night’s ‘Hajam’ program were unverified information. The investigation of the case is scheduled for Sunday, in early morning,” she had said.

Mary detailed that during the investigation BroadCom will go over the Code of Ethics in order to identify to what extent Channel 13 is in breach of the Code – and under which sections.

She also added that they would be taking action if necessary after the conclusion of the investigations and right now the matter is identified as a ‘concerned case’.

Mary also noted that BroadCom has received a lot of complaints from the public regarding the contents of Channel 13’s ‘Hajam’ program – adding that the BroadCom pays great attention to the Code of Ethics at present.

She also assured that Channel 13 would be informed of the BroadCom’s decision on the matter - including any action that would be taken against them. This would also be publicized on BroadCom’s website.

The contents of last night’s broadcast of Channel 13’s ‘Hajam’ program revolved around discussions on senior government officials.