COVID-19: Hanimaadhoo under monitoring, 2 cases linked with Mathiveri

HDh. Hanimaadhoo.

Two people who recently traveled from AA. Mathiveri to HDh. Hanimaadhoo have tested positive for COVID-19, prompting health authorities to place Hanimaadhoo under monitoring.

Hanimaadhoo Council said on Thursday that the two people travelled from Mathiveri to Hanimaadhoo on Tuesday, April 20.  The cases were detected after authorities identified and tested travelers from Mathiveri, after the island confirmed COVID-19 cases and was placed under monitoring on Wednesday.

“They weren’t required to undergo quarantine when they arrived. Mathiveri wasn’t under monitoring at the time. Three people who travelled from Mathiveri were tested after the island was placed under monitoring yesterday. Two of them tested positive,” said the Hanimaadhoo Council.

The two people who tested positive have been identified as a mother and child.

Hanimaadhoo Council said health authorities are conducting contact tracing and testing contacts.

Maldives has 27,084 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 164 new cases this Thursday. 24,065 people have since recovered, while 71 have died from complications. The country currently has 2,393 active cases.