HRCM recommends 7 revisions to policy on school admissions and transfers

Students attend an assembly at Ameeniya School in Male'.

Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has recommended seven revisions to the policy drafted by Education Ministry for the admission and transfer of school students for the upcoming academic year.

HRCM said they reviewed the policy from a human rights perspective, and recommended Education Ministry make several changes.

One of the revisions is that the Education Ministry establish a mechanism to identify students who aren’t attending school or aren’t being allowed to attend school, identify parents or guardians who are negligent is sending students to school, and take appropriate action.

Five cases of human rights violations of children were reported to Gender Ministry in February, all of which involved the obstruction of the right to access education.

A second revision recommended by HRCM was for Education Ministry to establish a mechanism to ensure students who are unable to attend school due to health conditions continue to have access to education.

HRCM also recommended that the Education Ministry identify students who enroll in the first grade without completing the foundation stage, assess their education standard, prepare an individual education plan, and establish the mechanism to ascertain the right to education under the plan.

Additional recommendations include ensuring children from foreign countries who live in Maldives are granted educational opportunities in government schools without discrimination, and to include a clause in the policy detailing a mechanism to submit and review complaints under the policy.